New Kochavhayam

Indigo Kitchen

“Indigo Kitchen” under the helm of chef Ronen Azar.

His catering excels in the selection of fresh products. His menu changes along with  the seasons of the year. Our motto is combining local specialties and culinary trends from around the world.

The fresh spirit and fusion between modern kitchen and the Israeli traditional kitchen are the basics of Chef Ronen Azar’s gastronomical creation. Ronen began his culinary journey in the starred restaurants of Bourgogne, France, before moving on to be the top chef of “Shitim” restaurant and the owner of a private catering company specializing in small gourmet events. The wide variety of new exciting dishes allows the guests to choose the culinary line that fits their taste.

Huppa" by the sea"

"Huppa" by the sea, Just say Mazal Tov! Let's meet!
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