Kohav Hayam is a place of encounters, between land and sea, people and flavors and scents. The culinary element is the most delicious, aromatic and seductive of encounters, masterfully overseen by Chef Ronen Azar together with the skilled catering team that is Indigo, one of Israel’s leading prestigious caterers.

The Indigo kitchens are based on the freshest of raw materials, which is why menu offerings change seasonally. As a place that’s right on the shoreline, close to the ancient port of Caesarea, it’s only natural we’d be inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and distant lands which traded with Caesarea.

The Indigo culinary experience greets you at the reception with a range of finger food and tasters laden with flavor, such as sea tapas, Tunisian fricassee, sabih, and more along with a range of vegetables and multihued salads of abundant freshness, delicious homemade breads, house pickles, salted herring, delicate strips of fish grilled lightly on the char with Asian or local flavoring, and of course our hearty main courses of chicken sections or whole poussin, duck and goose, and our crowning jewel: quality steaks, lamb chops, and filet medallions.


An amazing display of desserts is offered either buffet style or served by waiters who go from table to table to let you choose, and choose again. Our sweet confections are irresistible, from quality chocolates, fresh fruit, meringue, nuts and kadaif, and many more surprises.
Our world of flavors comes from our immediate surroundings and from more distant climes, along the length of the Mediterranean Sea including France, Italy, Greece and the Balkans. Some come from the markets and palaces of Thailand, creating heady surprises and a high class kitchen that can offer anything from street food to gourmet, from connoisseur to beloved popular items.

Chef Azar has been successfully leading Indigo since 2010, coming to us from an impressive career that included the Dan Hotel chain and working alongside starred restaurants in Paris, Provence, Bourgogne, French Riviera, and even Bangkok where he delved into contemporary Asian cuisine. Every location contributed to Chef Azar’s knowledge, inspiration, and variety which manifests in the exciting menu options he offers to Kohav Hayam guests. Together with you, we’ll compose a menu that will precisely express your preferences and integrate the things you love the most with the hottest trends that you and your guests love the most. For Indigo, presentation is no less important. Our buffets are set up to fit your styling concept, and our experienced team will make sure that everything looks as inviting as it truly tastes. Enjoy a mouthwatering experience which is also a sheer delight for the eyes. View our menus

Bola Bar

A rich high quality and varied array in the bar is one of the important aspects of a successful event. Bola Bar is our home brand. It’s got the kind of experience you can rely on, and makes sure you and your guests are kept happy, from that first sip to the very
last drop.

Bola Bar offers excellence at all levels: from styling to quality alcohol menus of a diverse range of serving styles, together with a skilled professional team. Most of all, our Bola Bar team makes sure your event is happy, and your guests satisfied.

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