CochavHayam –The Balcony on the Beach – Outdoors

Cochav Hayam offers the most beautiful incomparable view on the wide beach of Sdot-Yamm while the sea and the blue sky will contribute to the perfect setting for any event.

Linking the structure of the event hall is a veranda surrounded by lush lawns.

Newly designed pergolas and comfortable sitting arrangements are scattered throughout the lawns facing the sea .

The blooming gardens blend together with the perfect azure mood.

Cochav Hayam’s Interior

Interior Space

This year the interior was refurbished, achieving a new exciting appearance with large investments. The spectacular view of the sea and its surroundings are viewed thru the “ceiling to floor” windows. The interior space is planned in such a way that allows the guests to design the interior according to their preferences.

Throughout the years, the option between the event hall and the gardens hung on the weather factor….now you, the guest, can choose whatever you wish  !

Essential Information

Winter 250 -550 Summer event combination 300 - 650 Garden event 300 - 1000 +

Throughout the year

there is a possibility to combine the Event Hall with the Gardens including air conditioning

Caesarea Beach, South of Kibbutz Sdot Yam

Full access to the whole zone

Valid Business Permit

Cashrut from the Rabbinical Authority of Hof Hacarmel Ordering portions of Glatt Kosher - additional charge

Our price includes : Catering "Indigo" Bar and bar servers (imported drinks) Event designers

Security staff

Special rates for children

Screen and Projector available in Event Hall

Close Parking Area with Valet Service

Huppa" by the sea"

"Huppa" by the sea, Just say Mazal Tov! Let's meet!
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